Capital Inspirations: Promoting talents, sharing ideas, inspiring the world

Capital Inspirations is a life changing initiative focusing on creating opportunities for people, especially the young and ordinary by promoting their talents, sharing their ideas and inspiring them to realise their full potential in life. We are focusing on capturing and promoting raw talents and ideas amongst people mistaken as ordinary (for no man is ordinary but only that some men do not have opportunities to showcase their natural potential). We do so by giving people an opportunity to showcase their thoughts and works through either articles, pictures or videos through our blog, book series and the associated social media platforms.

We also have a number of programs dedicated to giving young and ordinary people particularly in Zimbabwe and the world in general, an opportunity to share their talents and ideas to help them advance in life. We believe in the power of raw talents, ideas and inspiration in shaping our world and we strive to ensure every person, young or old, understands the value of these three key life elements in advancing our world.

Our main focus is Promotion of Talents, Sharing of Ideas and Inspiring the World. We envision a world with a generation of free and powerful thinkers, people who are able to think beyond the textbook and come up with great ideas to further advance our world. We believe no human force can go beyond natural potential (talent), ideas, and inspiration for without talent, without ideas and without inspiration our world would not move forward. Talents are everywhere, ideas are everywhere and inspiration is everywhere, but it all depends on our attitude towards these life building blocks, that is, whether we understand their value to life or not and whether we take action to promote them or not.

As Capital Inspirations, we seek to help people appreciate the value of their natural potential (raw talents), their ideas and then inspire them to make use of these for their ultimate advancement. Human advancement is therefore our ultimate reason for existence. We work with, for and through people for the advancement of the very people. If anything inspires then it’s our calling.

We have started on a journey which we are so passionate to fulfil. For further inspiration, please keep your and ears open. We are there to promote, share and inspire.

Tichaona Gumunyu

Founder, Capital Inspirations

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