Lessons From My Grandmother: A Review

Author of the book: Martha Mutomba

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing, USA

Published: 02/01/2018

A new, thrilling and educational novel-Lessons From My Grandmother: Every Life Is A Guided Journey-has been released and is to be launched on the 30th of January 2018 in America by a fellow Zimbabwean, Martha Mutomba. What a great blessing to the whole world? After I got the opportunity to read the book, I found that it is not just a novel, but a great source of wisdom. Martha did not only exude her mastery of English language skills, but she proved how rich she is in terms of real life experiences which she shares throughout the entire book. She expresses her experience, knowledge and understanding of life in a way which leaves a reader longing for more. When I started reading the book, I could not put it down. The way Martha described the different life settings, from Zimbabwe in Africa through Britain in Europe to Southern California in America left me longing to be in all those places at once. As a reader I enjoyed every part because Martha made sure everything she put on each page was on point and meaningful. When she talks about her rural home, where I also descend from, I felt like crying because she reminded me of the great old days when I was still young and staying there. When she introduced America and Europe, I had no option but to be left with an unforgiving longing to be there one day. The way she wrote the book is powerful and mind blowing. She has brought a real blessing to the literary industry in particular and the whole world in general.

In Lessons From My Grandmother, Every Life is a Guided Journey, Martha Mutomba has weaved a master narrative of how life is and how we ought to live as human beings. From the outlook, the book is a novel, but after a deeper absorption of the content, the book ceases to be just a mere novel, but a rich source of inspiration and practical life lessons. With a key focus on love, sharing and self understanding, Lessons From My Grandmother is a great read for every person who wishes to understand the depth and breadth of life. After I finished reading the book, I was satisfied that truly “life is a guided journey.”

In the beginning of the book, Martha takes us through a detailed and thrilling description of different life styles and places in Zimbabwe, England and America as experienced by the main character, Yeukai Mandizvidza. Martha’s description of places is such that it leaves the reader with an itching to be in that place. She then moves on to narrate, how Yeukai navigated through the depths and breadth of life after she got a leaf of wisdom from her ambuya (grandmother). In this book, Martha helps the reader search for meaning and purpose. The quest for meaning and purpose took Yeukai through different stages of life, with each stage leaving the reader pondering a host of practical life lessons that Martha seamlessly imparts through her narration of Yeukai’s life journey.

In this review of Lessons From My Grandmother, I will focus on the key life lessons I have taken from the book, without giving too much away. Below is a list of 6 most, but not all, lessons that I learnt from the book.

  1. Every Life is a Guided Journey (The Role of Spirituality): The power of spirituality transcends over every sphere of life hence life is a guided journey. Martha focuses on the reliance of what she refers to as the Source-in other settings called Creator, God, or Allah-as the only way every human being can lead a successful life. It is not the naming but the understanding of what Source or who God is and how important He is in our lives. After reading the book, I realised the power of spirituality, that as human beings we cannot operate outside of the spiritual. Reliance on the Source is the only way we are guaranteed a satisfying life. Martha’s expression of the subject of understanding our connection to the Source is very powerful and explicit. Martha also brings on the issue of meditation which is a very powerful force to let things happen in our lives and also to help us lead a life of peace.


  1. Understanding our true nature: Through reading Lessons From My Grandmother, I learnt that each of us is a spiritual being housed in a physical body, and that we are all passing through this world. Martha gave a thrust on the need for us to understand how the spiritual world works because that is the only way we can realise meaning and eventually succeeds in life. We must seek to understand our true nature and role in this world. According to Martha, failure to understand our true nature is the main reason why we continue to have all kinds of problems in the world, such as hatred, murders, and wars. I learnt that the understanding of our true nature helps us to live a life of peace, love and joy. Source is where the spirit gets orders from, and Source is what helps us to act in a way that fulfils our purpose for existence. Search for meaning should be at the core of our efforts because once we understand it then our lives begin to flow easily as we live from one day to the next. Yeukai is a woman in the quest for that understanding after she got the opportunity to get a leaf from her grandmother. Life is all about understanding who you are and where you are from. Especially understanding the spiritual aspect, because that is what holds our peace, our successes, and everything else. This is one of the greatest lesson I learnt from Lessons From My Grandmother.


  1. Sharing of our gifts: In lessons From My Grandmother, Martha also brings on the aspect of living our lives to the full, through sharing our gifts such as writing, singing, creating businesses, and serving others to perpetuate the interest of humanity. We are given gifts so that we use them to advance humanity, which is the purpose of our existence. According to Martha, taking action and sharing our gifts with others is what makes us realise our purpose for existence.


  1. Love settles all things: Martha also talks about another key life issue which is love. In biblical terms, love settles all things and this is truly what Lessons From My Grandmother teaches us. Through love, Yeukai’s grandmother imparted knowledge to her, knowing that Yeukai would need this knowledge later on in her life as she travelled the breadth and depth of her journey in this world. The whole book-Lessons From My Grandmother-is premised on the aspect of life, from sharing gifts to taking care of each other. Again this is a very important life component that Martha has led me as a reader to value as I now live and practise all that I have noted from her great book.


  1. Joy is key: Martha also lets the reader know that life without joy of the heart is empty. We often live in a world which is laden with ubiquitous problems and worries. Worries that tend to plague us in each moment, if not well managed, can impose serious injury to one’s mental well-being; hence the future will become bleak and unfruitful. We all ought to be joyful no matter the circumstances around us, which is a very crucial life principle.


  1. Creativity: According to Martha, the power to restore love, joy and creativity in our physical world lies in our ability to understand who we are and why we are here. Creativity is what differentiates each one of us from the other, it is what makes us unique as human beings. We are different because of what we do with what we have; it’s not so much about where we were born or our colour or creed but our attitude towards life. In this novel, Martha has helped me to reshuffle my creativity tilt and now I live with an awakened desire to always come up with new things so that I stay afloat amid an ever changing environment.

These are some of the top lessons that I managed to pick from Martha’s great novel, but these are just a tip of the iceberg. Lessons From My Grandmother is really a READ FOR YOURSELF book because it is full of wisdom and practical life experiences. The idea that “Every Life Is A Guided Journey” is truly true and it is what Martha has managed to bring out in this rather hard-to-forget story book.

After I finished reading Lessons From My Grandmother, it was not surprising to find myself reading to it again because I found that the book is a true source of wisdom and life changing lessons. It is such a great and amazing read for any person seeking to understand the true meaning of life and their purpose for existence. True, every life is a guided journey as Martha has shown us in this great book. One great lesson I learnt from this book is that life is not a matter of which belief system you belong to but the important thing is to understand who you are and where you are coming from and where you are going. You are what you are through where you come from, in this case, the Source. No single human being operates in a vacuum, but all of us exist through the Spirit and for a specific purpose. It is the understanding of our true nature that then determines how we do things in life and as a result prosper in life. A life without understanding therefore is a wasted and aimless journey which only leads to misery and suffering. Our world, according to Martha, will only prosper if people understand their true nature and in the process go on to exercise their God given gifts to help each other, hence making every one of us prosper.

To conclude this review, all I can say to anyone who has not yet read this great book is that GET YOUR OWN COPY and enrich yourself with not only the power of the English language which Martha has shown, but also the invaluable wisdom expressed in a thrilling and wonderful manner. Again, let me repeat, Lessons From My Grandmother is a READ FOR YOURSELF kind of a story book because it is well thought out and beautifully knit to answer many questions about the mysteries of life. The book is already available on Amazon and many other online stores. You can get more information from Martha’s website, Martha Mutomba.

Tichaona Gumunyu who is an upcoming Zimbabwean Inspirational Writer and Thought Leader. He holds a BSc. Honours degree in Psychology from the University of Zimbabwe. He is the founder of the blog, Capital Inspirations that focuses on promoting talents, sharing ideas and inspiring the world. He currently works at a Zimbabwean non-governmental organisation. Tichaona can be contacted on tich@capitalinspirations.com, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp (+263 773 187 800)


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