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Gifts and Shifts: The Nexus

There are so many people in the world with amazing talents which have not yet been tapped into. Many young and ordinary people, especially from the developing world possess great talents, but sometimes they lack the opportunities to showcase those talents to the world. Lack of finances and the remoteness of some parts of these countries make it difficult for these young and ordinary people to access the opportunities which can enable them to get meaningful recognition by the public and in the process become successful. As a result they vanish without doing anything worthwhile and the world loses a lot of talented people. Every talent which is properly utilised translates into a resource. Footballers, musicians, athletes, designers and many more talented people transform this world not because they are educated, but because they make use of their Godly given talents. They are promoted and in turn they promote the well being of the world in general. If we promote talent, our world will become forever beautiful and worth living.

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