Your Success Lies In The Strength Of Your Talent

Stop Sitting On That Gold Mine

You were created with a special talent in you. That talent is a weapon which you must use to destroy your barriers to a successful life. It’s an instrument you can use to tap into the uncharted territories of your life – those that your family members have failed to reach. For example, failure in school does not mean failure in life. With a great talent, you can beat your worst fears and become the person you were so created to be. There are many things your talent can do for you which I will discuss in the passages below.

  1. Your talent as an exit point from poverty

If you are born from a poor family, then you can use your talent to break through and come out of that mishap. There are a lot of people who were born out of very poor families, but because of their talents, they changed their families to some of the wealthiest families on earth. I have always said to people, “Being born poor is circumstantial, but dying poor is sometimes a choice.” With a great talent, you can change the face of your life, your family and the world in general. You only need to know how and where to use the talent and everything becomes history.

So without money, without people to network with and without any education to talk about, start to explore your life to look for that which you are good at and focus on perfecting it. You live a fulfilling life not because you have done what people think you should do, but because you would have done what you were created to do. In most cases, your purpose for existence is hidden in your talent. Once you identify your talent, chances are high that you will definitely live a life of purpose and in the process become the person you were created to be.

  1. Your talent as an entry point to a successful life

There are areas that you cannot enter as long as you do not have something spectacular to talk about. However, when you have a good talent, you can penetrate such boundaries and become someone in life. The world is not hungry for new people, but it is hungry for people with a difference, people with unique characteristics.

You have a dream to one day become someone, but the problem is you do not have any meaningful connections to take you there. It is not time to be worried, but explore your inner potential and use it to reach your dreams. Without anything different to talk about, only your talent can set you apart. Use it for your ultimate maverick significance.

Your inner potential

Every person posses an inner potential which is unique to them. Apart from the skills and knowledge you can get from the school or home, you possess an inborn potential to do things differently. Yes, that potential is wielded deep inside of you. However, it depends on your ability to explore that potential and make use of it to conquer your fears. Before the school, the church or the work place, every person has a life. That life should be lived even outside of all these institutions, but it does not come automatic. You have to make an effort to realise this.

You are more than what people say or think you are

No matter how good you try to be, people will always have their own perceptions about you. You try to bless people, they will curse you, you try to elevate them, and they will fight you down. People are people; they will always act in their own ways. However, that should not deter you from pursing your purpose for existence. You should know this; you are more than what people think or say you are. People can see you through their own lenses, but that is not what you are in the practical sense. When people talk about you, they consider unimportant things such as the type of clothes you wear, the type of car you drive or the type of people you hang around with yet that is not the issue. You are what you are on the inside not the outside.

When I was growing up, there are things that I used to struggle with, for example talking to people. However, with age and exposure that is no longer the issue. Things change as we grow, but people will always judge according to the past. People have their own perceptions about other people, and they use those perceptions to judge. However, that should not be a problem to you. The only problem comes when you fail to understand yourself as an individual.

Do not look down upon yourself

Sometimes when you look at yourself you can actually see another version of you which is not even existent. People have that tendency of looking down upon themselves, while elevating other people on the other hand. This happens whenever people use other people’s standards to measure their own success or well being. If you use other people’s lives to measure your own life you are not going to escape things like depression, stress and disappointment in life. This is because your life will never be like any other person’s life because you are altogether different. Yes, you may have the same amount of money, the same kind of assets, but still your lives will be different – your tastes, your expectations, and your belief systems will always differ. So, to think you are unsuccessful simply because you do not have what other people have is a direct blow to your own peace. Rather, you are more than what you think you are. Live your life!

You are not what you wear

If there is anything which lies more than anything on earth, it should be clothes. Clothes make worst people appear great, and great people appear worst. People use clothes to conceal their own stupidities. People use clothes to brainwash others, to escape from other people’s scrutiny. At the end of it all, we have a lot of people who are not what they are, people who fake goodness yet they are bloody murderous inside. A serial killer can wear a pastor’s suit just to get by with his evil acts. A pastor can wear pastoral clothes to pretend holy and hoodwink the unsuspecting congregants, yet deep inside he is a devil himself. People can use clothes to do anything. However, the value of a person is not in the kind of clothes he puts on, but his heart. You may not have the best clothes on earth, but that does not mean you are the worst person on earth. Only your gift will set you apart.


I will leave you with this challenge: What unique talents do you have? What are you doing to make yourself different from the rest as well as making a difference to other people’s lives?

Remember, we all can acquire the same education or skills, but our inborn potentials will always differ and these are what will keep us unique from one another.


Tichaona Gumunyu | BSc. Honours Psychology | Founder, Capital Inspirations


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